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The Right Move

The Right Move

Having discovered the United Arab Emirates and all its glories, many visitors dream of moving to live here. These pages will give you practical advice and information on how to make that dream a reality!

Working in the UAE

Finding a job
Finding a job is one of the first things you will need to do when you decide to move to the UAE, as all foreign workers need to be sponsored by an employer or a company in order to live in the UAE as residents.

After finding a job, your employer should file on your behalf with the Department of Residency and Foreign Affairs in order to receive your employment/residency permit. A bank account and health insurance will be required. The employer should take care of all the paperwork and costs of the procedure related to your residency permit.

The UAE job market is diverse and similar to that of other developed countries. Many international corporations can be found in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You can get an idea of what jobs are available by visiting some of the career and job listing websites, which can also give you an idea on salar y and how it can vary by experience and job type. Popular job websites in the UAE include:
Residents who meet certain income requirement can sponsor close family members and relatives to come to the UAE. For more information on residency and family sponsorship, visit the official online UAE Government portal govern‌

Starting a business
Thanks to the government's efforts in actively promoting growth and innovation with a range of business-friendly policies, the UAE offers an attractive business and investment environment for traditional as well as new business sectors.

The Department of Economic Development in the Ministry of Economy issues regulates all businesses in the UAE. Depending on the legal structure of the company, investors and business owners are required to enter into a Local Service Agent or Partnership agreement with a UAE national, who will represent the business when it comes licensing and compliance matters.

There are also several specialized free zones in which investors and business owners can establish their companies and benefit from 100% ownership of enterprise, 100% repatriation of capital and profits, no minimum capital investment and no corporate or personal tax.

Accommodation Options

One of the first things to consider when moving to the UAE is finding a place to live. As in many countries, rent in the UAE depends on the location and size of the accommodation. Dubai has the highest rates in the UAE, as it is the most attractive city for expats. In order to get your rent contract registered with the relevant authorities in the respective emirate, you need to have a residency permit. In most cases, you will need to arrange the connection of utilities, including electricity, water, gas, telephone and internet service .

Expats and foreign investors can purchase freehold property within selected projects and areas in the UAE. Regulations for purchasing property differ from emirate to emirate. In addition to the price of the property itself, you will also have to pay a one-time registration fee and annual association dues that cover building maintenance and other community costs. Many local banks and financial establishments provide home loans and financing options to help you own a property in the UAE.

The website is a good starting point for finding a property to rent or buy, and to compare property prices in different areas.

Relocation Services

You can move your furniture and belongings to the UAE by hiring one of the many global relocation companies that provide door-to-door moving services. However, chances are you will be able to get all you need to furnish your new home right here, so before you start shipping any furniture in, you may want to compare the cost of buying furniture and home appliances here with the cost of shipping, as the difference might not be worth the hassle.

Importing your pets

Pet owners are required to have an Import Permit from the Ministry of Environment and Water in order to bring their pets with them to the UAE. Since it can be a challenging process to relocate your pet, it is recommended that you use a pet relocation service to ensure that your pet arrives safely in the UAE. You can find a list of international specialist pet relocation companies on the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association’s website:

Driving in the UAE

In order to legally drive in the UAE, resident drivers must have a valid driving licence. To obtain a driving licence, you need to receive training from an authorised driving school and pass the theoretical and the practical driving test with the licensing authority in the respective emirate. Citizens of certain countries (list of countries available on the website govern‌ can convert their driving licence issued in their home country without having to take a driving test.

Renting a car
Renting a car can be a sensible choice for new UAE residents until they are familiar with the roads and driving styles in the UAE. Many car rental companies offer short-term and long-term care rentals across all price points.

Buying a car
For many UAE residents, owning a car is a practical necessity. Typically, great deals can be found on second hand options, but for the uninitiated, buying a new car from an authorized dealer might be the safer option. Dealers handle registration paperwork, insurance, financing and often include warranties or service packages in the purchase, which you probably will not get when buying used a car from a first owner or a used car dealer.

By law, 'third party liability’ insurance coverage is the minimum category of insurance required for all vehicles in the UAE. You can get car insurance from the many insurance companies available across the emirates. offers free online tool to compare insurance producs.

It is also important to purchase a Salik tag for your vehicle if you will be driving in or through Dubai. Salik is Dubai’s toll system, which operates without toll booths, allowing traffic to move freely through tolling points on primary roads. For more information, visit

Education in the UAE

There are many excellent international schools with different curriculums for students of all ages in the UAE. Moreover, by establishing educational zone with state-of-the-art facilities, such as Dubai Knowledge Village, Dubai International Academic City and University City of Sharjah, the UAE government has attracted some of the best international universities and higher education institutes to open campuses here.

However, the cost of private education in the UAE remains considerably high in comparison to other countries, so some financial planning might be required if your children will be attending school here.

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